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TitleFirst nameLast nameCountryPosition and affiliationScientific field(s)
Dr Rosario Culmone Italy Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of Camerino computer science
Prof Emanuela Merelli Italy Full professor Formal methods, data science, topological data analysis, bio-inspired modelling of complex systems, theoretical computer science
Dr Sara Kyne United Kingdom Senior Lecturer, University of Lincoln Chemistry
Mr Jörg Morbach Germany Computer Scientist IT
Dr Francesco Santini Italy Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence
Prof Guido Proietti Italy Professor, University of L'Aquila Theoretical Computer Science
Prof Gianni Fenu Italy professor at University of Cagliari (Italy) Computer Science
Prof Simone Martini Italy Professor - Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna Computer Science
Prof Giuseppe Vizzari Italy Associate professor, University of Milano-Bicocca Computer Science
Dr Eduard Matito Spain Researcher Chemistry, Physics
Prof Luca Bortolussi Italy Associate Professor, Univerisity of Trieste Computer Science, AI
Prof Alfredo Ferro Italy Full Professor of Computer Science Data Mining, Big Data, Bioinformatics
Dr Paolo Torroni Italy Associate Professor, University of Bologna Artificial Intelligence
Prof Perla Wahnon Spain Full Professor. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Computational material science
Prof Maria F. Costabile Italy full professor, University of Bari Computer Science
Dr Alessandro Bianchi Italy Ricercatore - Dept. Informatics - University Bari Computer science
Dr Laura Scherer Netherlands Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences
Prof Paolo Atzeni Italy Vicerector, Università Roma Tre Computer Science and Engineering
Dr Gregori Ujaque Spain professor, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Chemistry
Prof Ernesto Damiani Italy Department of Computer Science, Universita’ degli Studi di Milano Information Security
Prof Enrique Sánchez Marcos Spain Catedrático de Universidad de Sevilla Physical Chemistry
Prof Filippo Lanubile Italy Full Professor, University of Bari Computer Science
Ms Doris Alexander Ireland Research Development Manager, Trinity College Dublin Cross disciplinary
Dr Leif Schröder Germany group leader medical physics
Dr Anthony O'Hare United Kingdom Lecturer, University of Stirling Mathematics
Prof Donato Malerba Italy Director of the Department of Computer Science, University of Bari "Aldo Moro" Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
Prof Marco Bernardo Italy Rector's delegate for technological innovation - University of Urbino Computer science
Dr Zeila Zanolli Spain Ramon y Cajal fellow ICN2 Physics, condensed matter
Prof Matthieu Verstraete Belgium professor university of Liège Physics
Prof Enrico Franconi Italy Full Professor, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Computer Science
Mr Miguel Escobar Spain Master student university of valencia Theorical chemistry and computational modelling
Mr Ronan Herry Luxembourg PhD student at university of Luxembourg Maths
Prof Jorge Patricio Portugal President of European Acoustics Association Acoustics and Vibration
Prof Marco Aldinucci Italy Associate Professor, University of Torino Computer Science
Mr fabrizio orsolino Italy Partner @ Business Integration Partners | mgmt consulting company Telecommunication, Electronical Engineering, ICT
Mr Ernesto Icogo Philippines Lublin University of Technology Mathematics
Prof Schahram Dustdar Austria Full Professor Computer Science Computer Science
Dr Duc Anh Dinh Viet Nam Research fellowship chemistry of materials
Prof François Loeser France Professeur Sorbonne University Mathematics
Prof Stuart Margolis Israel Professor, Department of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University
Prof Chiara Petrioli Italy Full professor un of rome la sapienza Iot , future internet, future wireless, cyber physical systems, bluegrowth
Mr alain mercier France Technology
Prof Mauro Ferrari Italy Associate professor at Università degli Studi dell'Insubria Computer science
Prof Barbara Russo Italy Associate professor, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Computer Science
Prof Guido Boella Italy Full Professor at Computer Science Department of University of Torino AI
Prof Manuel Yanez Spain Full Prof. of Physical Chemistry. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Spain Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Prof Goffredo Haus Italy full professor, University of Milan computer science, music, cultural heritage
Dr Marco Masia Germany Marie Curie Alumni Association - Board Member Chemistry
Prof Renaud Jolivet Switzerland Professor, University of Geneva and CERN, and Board Member, MCAA Neuroscience
Prof Alessandro Dal Palu' Italy Associate Professor, University of Parma Computer Science