A petition proposed by Initiative for Science in Europe and EuroScience.

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TitleFirst nameLast nameCountryPosition and affiliationScientific field(s)
Mr Simeon Bode Germany student at university of Göttingen Physics
Ms Lea Jeude Germany
Ms Jasna Nuhic Bosnia and Herzegovina Visiting researcher, IBEC Biomedical Engineering
Dr Ronald Bialozyt Germany Senior Researcher Forestry, Ecology, Modelling
Carl Philipp Mazzanti Germany Student Pure Mathematics
Mr Lim Sung Kang Germany Student Business Information Systems
Pia Aminuzzaman Germany student Life Science
Lukas Schnermann Germany Student Ecosystem Management
Ms Luca Baetz Germany Student Medicine
Andreas Maus Germany PhD student at University of Goettingen, Germany and King's College London, UK. Cardiology, Stem Cell Research
Ms Lisa Rauer Germany PhD Neuroscience
Lina Meiners Germany Psychology, Neuroscience
Mr David Simon Diekmann Germany Student Law
Mr Mohamed CHARHBILI France Student at the university of Lille Applied economics
Felix Zunker Germany Student Economic
Felix Wolf Germany Student Forestry and Forest Ecology
Mr Markus Brandt Germany Student Economy
Mr Tim-Oliver Ollmann Germany Student University of Göttingen Economics
Mr Tobias Weege Germany Student Chemistry
Eva Schmitt Germany Student Molecular Medicine
Mr Martin Wutke Germany Student Statistics
Maximilian Rüder Germany
iwo hasenkamp Germany student english, political science
Ms Linda Cassel Germany
Jülide Sinanoglu Germany Student Law
Mr Vincent Wolff Germany Student at University of Göttingen Physics, Mathematics
Tram Nguyen Germany student economics
Marcus Rippich Germany Student Chemistry
Sebastian Streit Germany PhD Student Agriculture
Dr Claudio Saracini Italy Former postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA) Charge transfer processes and time-resolved laser spectroscopy, reactivity, synthesis, molecular catalysis
Dr Ermal Ismalaj Belgium Postdoctoral reseracher KU Leuven Chemistry
Myriam Doppke Germany student student in political science
Mr Riccardo Weiser Germany Student Not yet decided (Arts)
Ms Linda Bauck Germany student physics
Joel Günter Germany Student Business Administration
Ms Leonie Buntrock Germany Student Material Science
Theresa Hoppe Germany Student Physics
Dr Chris Volkmar Germany Research Engineer at German Aerospace Center Electric Propulsion, Spacecraft
Dr Alexander Wagner Germany research associate fluid dynamics
Mr Moritz Ertl Germany Research Associate Aerospace Engineering
Ms Julia Gellert Germany Student Social science and humanities
Lisa Metz Germany Student Law
Mr Nicola Fattorelli Belgium PhD student Neurobiology
Dr Tobias Ecker Germany Research scientist Space, Aerodynamics, gas dynamics
Amade Karnagel Germany Student Geography
Jonas Grunenberg Germany student biology
Mr Thorge Wintz Germany Student Forestry and forest ecology
Mr Stefano Fuschetto Italy
Lennart Jahn