A petition proposed by Initiative for Science in Europe and EuroScience.

Privacy Policy

  1. The EuroScience Association, with headquarters in Strasbourg, France, is the Collector of the data about those persons or organisations who sign the petition.
  2. EuroScience will use these data only for statistical and analytical purposes and will send emails only to inform signatories about the evolution of the signing process.
  3. Name, country, affiliation and scientific field(s) of each signatory are displayed in theĀ list of signatories.
  4. EuroScience will not hand over the data about signatories to any other organisation, whether public or private.
  5. EuroScience will delete the data one half year after the deadline for signing has ended, except for those persons who have accepted to receive EuroScience or ISE newsletters.

EuroScience and Initiative for Science in Europe